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SURE-CUT PACKING CUTTERS - The Sure-Cut Packing Cutter saves time, money and packing! Perfect 90 degree (butt) and 45 degree (skive) cuts for high quality packing installations.
SURE-PULL PACKING HOOK PULLER - Designed to work with standard flexible or rigid shaft corkscrew packing extractors. The Sure-Pull easily operates with one hand!
PACKING TAMPING TOOL SET - When packing a stuffing box, each ring should be tamped firmly into place. These tools are designed of high-strength materials and to provide a sure-grip and positive tamping action into even difficult-to-reach boxes.

This professional grade kit puts every packing tool you need in one box. Includes flexible and solid shaft extractors, an assortment of tips, picks, o-ring extractor, knife --- many items all in a rugged high-impact poly toolbox.
PACKING HOOKS, PULLERS and EXTRACTORS - Reduce time repacking pumps and valves. Flexible design for easy access to hard-to-get-at areas. Available in a range of sizes to meet all requirements. Specially tempered tool steel bits for strength and durability.

Very specialized hand tools designed by a pump and valve mechanic especially for packing chores. Designed to reach into the most difficult-to-reach areas. Buy the set or purchase individual tools.
PACKING TOOL EXTRACTOR TIPS - Corkscrew tips, brush replacement tips, oakum puller tips, lantern gland tips, woodscrew tips for solid shaft and flexible shaft packing extractors.
MAYHEW HOOKS, PICKS and SCRAPERS - Upgrade to the Dominator Series of multi-purpose handtools for packing and general-purpose boiler repair and pipe fitting work. Three different sets to choose from.

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